How to Stay Focused & On Time

Wondering how to stay focused, get things done, and be on time? Enter all your commitments and to-do’s on a calendar. Then all your obligations and to-do’s will be in front of you allowing you to see if you are over extended. If you’re overextended you’ll have the opportunity to make adjustments.

Using a calendar to plan is just as important to kids as it is to adults. Along with recording commitments to a practice or a game, kids should also enter when assignments are due and upcoming tests. The calendar will put a child’s time commitment into perspective and make them aware of when they need to complete assignments or study.

Follow the steps below in setting up your calendar.

Step 1 Occasions
On your calendar enter occasions. These are dates you have no control over such as birthdays or holidays.

Step 2 Routine Tasks
Make a list of all the things you have to do each week or month throughout the year. Decide what day of the week you will commit to completing each and then write the task on the calendar under that day. If you’re an adult your tasks might be clean, laundry, meal plan, grocery shop, and pay bills. Non-adult type of tasks might be clean room or take out garbage.

Step 3 Have-to’s
Record on your calendar all your obligations such as games or practices, and meetings. Usually these items are ongoing for a specific period of time.

Step 4 Need-to’s
Next enter things you need to do such as bake cookies for a fundraiser, doctor appointments, etc.

Step 5 Want-to’s
Enter things you want to do such as have lunch with Sue or train for a marathon. If you don’t write these items on your calendar they will never get done.

Once you have all these occasions, commitments, and tasks entered you will see how much free time you do or don’t have. Your “life” will be in perspective. As you complete each to-do, put a line through it.


  • Use shared family calendars such as iCalendar or Google Calendar to share family commitments. This way no one will be missing grandma’s birthday.
  • Before going to bed commit to having everything ready for the next so all you need to do are the things that have to be done in the morning such as eat, shower, and get dressed. That means lunches and backpacks are ready as well as clothes and accessories for tomorrow are chosen.
  • To get to bed on time, get ready for bed at least an hour before you plan on going to bed.
  • Put a clock on the wall in your bathroom so you can easily keep track of time.

Best of luck!



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