Last-Minute Holiday Travel Tips

When it comes to last-minute holiday travel, knowing the best strategies can make all the difference. The key is to approach it well-informed, allowing you to secure deals and accommodations that may initially seem out of reach. Time is of the essence, but with a few expert tips, you can still enjoy a holiday getaway!

1. Finding Affordable Flights:

To uncover the best flight deals, consider leveraging Google Flights. This tool enables you to compare costs across various airlines, dates, and destinations. By saving on flights, you’ll have extra money to upgrade your accommodations or spend while visiting family.

If you want to spend a week in Paris over Christmas, there is a roundtrip flight for $657 out of Newark, NJ. A simple getaway, and back home in time for holidays, will cost you $169 to $224 roundtrip when flying Allentown, PA to Orlando, FL.

2. Unlocking Sold-Out Accommodations:

If your desired resort or cruise appears fully booked, don’t lose hope. Collaborating with a travel advisor who has extensive knowledge and valuable partnerships can be a game-changer. For instance, agencies with extensive industry connections, like the one I represent, often have access to reserved cruise staterooms when they seem unavailable. These staterooms were bought in bulk at a lower cost, offering you both exclusivity and savings.

3. Snagging a Sold Out Room:

Securing a room at your preferred Disney resort or another destination, even when it seems sold out, is entirely possible. For example, Disney requires full payment for room-with-ticket packages 30 days in advance, or a 5-day cancellation window for room-only bookings. This means that as travelers change or cancel their travel plans for Disney, or other resorts with cancellation policies, accommodations may become available just prior to these deadlines. Consistent monitoring by your travel advisor can often yield results – I’ve experienced this many times with my clients!

4. All-Inclusive Appeal of Cruises:

Cruising offers a comprehensive vacation including meals, entertainment, and a host of amenities – with deals to be found! Today, for instance, I found a 7-night Caribbean cruise December 17th to 24th on Norwegian Cruise Line that included perks like internet access, an alcoholic beverage and dining package, along with a $50 excursion credit per couple. Dates were also available over Christmas and New Year’s, for an additional $200 to $300.

5. Car Rental Planning:

Booking your car rental ahead of time is crucial. Prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches, influenced by supply and demand. Additionally, it’s wise to check if your personal auto insurance carrier or credit card company includes car rental coverage. This step can eliminate the need to purchase insurance through the rental agency, saving you money.

6. Trip Insurance:

Unforeseen weather events such as snow, ice, or thunderstorms can disrupt travel plans, so investing in trip insurance is a good choice. If you travel often, consider an annual plan like I have. Coverage begins 100 miles from home – perfect for road trips.

7. Document Verification:

Before embarking on your journey, ensure that your driver’s license or passport is valid and not approaching expiration.


Engaging the services of a travel advisor can be a game-changing move when navigating the world of travel. More often than not, professionals like me do not charge a fee for our services, providing no reason not to seek our expertise. Whether you’re planning a last-minute trip or considering a future adventure, don’t hesitate to ask me for advice.

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