How to Get Organized After the Holidays

Happy Get Organized Month! The holidays are over, and it’s now time to get your house back in order. The tips below should help you tackle the holiday aftermath. 

As you put away gifts, consider giving away or donating one item for every new item. For example, for each clothing item or handbag you received, take one out of your closet and give it away. This way your closet or drawers won’t be bursting at the seams. Repeat the process for all items – kitchen, sports, etc.

Have your children select a toy to giveaway for everyone they received. If they received 15 new toys, donate 15 toys. This way you’ll have space for new toys year after year.

If you received a gift that you don’t like or can’t use, consider donating it or setting it aside in a box designated as “Giveaway.” Then, the next time your church, school, or a non-profit is seeking items to create gift baskets for raffles or door prizes, you can donate the items. 

If you received a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings but you’re a vegan, consider selling your gift cards for cash. The other option is donating gift cards to fundraisers so items can be bought for gift baskets or the gift card can be an item in the basket. 

Before you take down your holiday decorations, look in your storage containers to see which decorations you didn’t use this year. Consider donating those items. This will simplify holiday decorating next year!

Take pictures of your holiday decorations before you take them down, such as a fireplace mantel. Next year with a picture in hand, setup will be a breeze and provide you the opportunity to delegate the task.

As you take down your tree, designate and label a storage box that includes everything you need for the initial setup of your tree next year such as lights, tree skirt, and tree toper. If you typically use a tree bag underneath your tree, buy a bag this year for next year, and put it in the box.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!

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