Looking back, I realize now my home was in chaos. From probably 100 hotel samples in a travel shoe bag on the back of the door for toiletries to a pantry stuffed with things I would never use, it was complete over abundance & confusion, which led to a much more anxious life.
Little by little Diane de-cluttered & organized each room. I would take breaks between her visits to try to use up or discard things. Then she would come back and tweak again. It was a process, but I literally became a minimalist.
Diane and her team NEVER made me embarrassed, even when they showed me years past expired foods & vitamins in the pantry. I never felt pressured to throw out, but it happened organically.
It became a doable task to purge after Diane made sense of my belongings, area by area. It also became freeing.
I have now remodeled 2 floors of my home and have complete peace in those spaces. I also have places with no closet doors, because life is so much simpler being organized.
I’m grateful for Diane’s help/intervention. I can tell you it was life changing & worth every penny & time investment.