Packing Checklist

If you’re packing for a business trip or family vacation, remembering what you need to pack can be daunting.  If you forget an essential item, a great summer vacation or superb business trip may turn into a hassle filled one.

Whether you’re packing well in advance or the night before, the key to packing quickly and efficiently is having a packing checklist to refer to. No matter what the time frame is, make sure to review the checking list at least 2 weeks prior in case you need to purchase or locate items.

You’ll want to create a packing list that can be over and over again. Start by creating a comprehensive list that includes all items you’ll want for travel in the summer and non-summer months, items for business and non-business trips, as well as solo trips and family trips.

Once the list is created save it to your computer in a folder called Travel. When you are preparing to pack print out the list. Cross off items you don’t need for the current trip and add any unique items you need for this particular trip, such as a gift.

To fine-tune your packing list, place your list in your suitcase on your first trip. If you find yourself in need of an item while away, add the item to your list. When you return home from your trip, update your list and print out a few copies to place with your travel items or in your suitcase. You’ll be one step ahead for your next trip!

While we can’t wave a magical wand to pack for you, we can provide you with our free packing checking list to help simplify your travel.

Wishing you save and happy travels!

Free Packing Checklist

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