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Unsolicited Testimonials

on air...
"Absolutely amazing.You went in just like a whirlwind, the Tazmainian Albright, and just whipped the place into shape."
"In two days you were able to work some magic."
                                                               Montel Williams


      Before and after photos of a closet shared by two young brothers.

unsolicited postal letter  (photo above)
"...we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you did.  It is all wonderful and we are still following through with it.  It's great to see the boys make their beds every morning.  Your amazing!"


Before and after photos of one of the areas completed, the pantry closet.

Excerpt for the Parkland Press newspaper (photo above)
"... [ I ] wanted to comment on the wonderful job that Diane and her staff did.  They're just a marvelous company to work with.  I would recommend their services highly.  I never met anyone like her [Albright].  She's so focused."  

Unsolicited testimonial received by email...
We met this morning at Keystone College. Wonderful presentation! As I mentioned, I would like you to speak at our staff conference. I think they would benefit from your organization tips, office and home. Great to meet you today. Thanks!"

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