How to Organize Holiday Decorations

How you put away your holiday decorations this year can easily determine the level of simplicity or stress of decorating next year. If your goal is simplicity, your decorations should be organized in a way that a friend, relative, or hired help could decorate without you there. If it would be that easy for someone else to decorate instead of you, imagine how easy it will be for you! Watch our TV Segment

To achieve simplicity in decorating, before you take down this year’s decorations, take a picture of each grouping of decorations, such as a photo of the fireplace mantel, a windowsill, the front door, the Christmas tree, etc. Next, place the decorations for each specific area in the same box(es). All the mantel decorations should be in one box, the windowsill decorations in another, and so forth.

Print out these photos. Place each photo in the corresponding box. Then label both sides of the box, clearing identify what is in the box. Next year with a photo in hand, anyone will be able to decorate, even hired help.

While putting decorations in the box, if you discover that the decorations will only fit in a certain way, take a picture of the arrangement, print it out on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper, and place the picture in the box. This will eliminate wasting time next year trying to figure out how the contents fit.

Consider creating an electronic file for your holiday decorations. This way you can easily see what you have and easily send someone else to get the specific boxes you want. Create the electronic document in program like Microsoft Word and insert a 3-column table with the headings: Label, Description, and Photos. In the “Label” column record what is written on the label of the box. In the “Description” column, enter a description of the contents of the box and location if needed. In the “Photos” column, enter the photo(s) of the decorations before they were taken down.

If you are on the search for new boxes or containers to store you decorations, consider plastic if there are bugs, mice, and or dampness in your storage area. If you will be stacking boxes or containers, consider strong containers with strong lids and of the same size. This will help to prevent the lids from caving in when stacking. If you don’t have to worry about bugs, mice, stacking, or dampness, cardboard boxes are ideal as they are lighter to carry.

To give keep ornaments safe, use a box or container with a egg-crate dividers, or keep the ornaments in the original box the ornament came in such as Hallmark ornaments.

To keep string lights tangle-free, purchase a box or container that has the inserts to wrap the strings of lights. If you have breakable decorations, consider storing the decorations in the original box the item came in.

Happy holiday organizing and cheers to a simplified next year!

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