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Business and Corporate Organizing and Productivity

Would you like to be more organized, more productive?
Have difficulty grasping a clear picture of your to-do’s?
Need to clear the paper piles and free your mind?

We can help! Our clients include small businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, universities, and corporations. We travel nationally and work with clients virtually (by telephone), therefore distance is not an obstacle. Our office in Allentown, Pennsylvania allows us to work with clients in NYC and Philadelphia. For more information please call us, (610) 782-0636.

To clear the paper piles and free the mind, we implement our trademarked system, Work Piles Made Easy®. The system organizes and manages your paper flow and your to-do's. Work Piles Made Easy is simple to incorporate and easy to maintain. Once we have your paper piles and projects addressed, we tackle the arrangement of your office. The goal is to create an environment that is conducive to productivity.

Do any of the challenges below sound familiar to you or your staff?

Drifting Focus
While working on a project, your eyes drift to a pile of papers. The papers inadvertently catch your attention taking your focus away from the project on hand. You start to think about what needs to be done with the pile of papers then suddenly you remember the project you were working on. You refocus, jump back to the project on hand, and begin to make progress until your eyes wander to another pile of papers. Your focus shifts and the cycle starts all over again.

Coffee Shop or Conference Room
Instead of working in your office, do you find yourself with an urge to work in a conference room or a coffee shop? You’re not alone. You have the urge to avoid distractions. These distractions can either be pile of papers or distractions from co-workers or the telephone.

Just Making the Deadline
Do you wait until the last minute just making the deadline? Once you make the deadline, you realize that if you only started earlier it wouldn’t have been that bad. Then you wonder why you put off starting the project in the first place.

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