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Small Business and Corporate Productivity & Organizing

Do you have difficulty grasping a clear picture of your workload? Do you need to accomplish more in less time? Do you need to be more creative or better at problem solving? Wondering how to organize the papers on your desk or in your work space?

We can help. Physical and mental clutter effects progress, creativity, and problem solving.

Does this sound familiar?...
While working on a project at your desk, your eyes drift to a pile of papers, a file, or letter. These "to do's" catch your attention taking your focus away and  instead you begin to think about what needs to be done with the pile of papers, file or letter. Then, you suddenly remember the task at hand, the project you were working on. You refocus, and start to make progress again until your drifting eyes catch something else. If your space was clear of distractions and piles of "to do's", you could stay immersed in the project at hand allowing for increased productivity, creativity, and problem solving. If you ever find yourself gravitating to go work in a conference room or a coffee shop it's to avoid the distractions in your office.

To clear the paper clutter and free the mind, we implement  a a system, Work Piles Made Easy
, to organize and manage the paper flow and "to do's" on your desk or in your workspace. This system is easy to put into place and maintain.  It's so easy maintaining, it will seem natural. You'll no longer will waste time looking for what you know you have but can't find.

Once we have Work Piles Made Easy
we next work on your office set up (desk, phone, file cabinet, bookcase, etc.) to make you the most productive at work. Then, with the clutter clear and office space conducive to productivity, we work on time management to make you more productive with your projects and "to-do's."

We work with clients in person one-on-one and in group settings. We travel nationally and provide services virtually, therefore distance is not an obstacle. If you would like to discuss our services further, we welcome your call,
(610) 782-0636.

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