Less Money, Less Stress: The Secrets to Better Travel

How to spend less money on travel and reduce your travel stress is easier than you think! The tips below are all tried and true.

If you want to get flying perks, pick an airline to be loyal with. You’ll accumulate miles to redeem and reach status tiers that offer free baggage and seat upgrades. Credit cards associated with airlines will provide you additional miles and may offer perks such access to airport lounges and no baggage fees.

For lower airfare, book your trip so you’re flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday. These days are least traveled. Check to see if flying from your local airport is cheaper than flying out of a major city – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Book directly with an airline to make it easier to change your flight and to see if the price went down. After your flight is booked, every so often go on the airline’s app to check for a lower cost flight. The procedure on DELTA’s app would be: Find your booked trip; click Modify; select the default dates and airport; click Find New Flights; and then select your originally booked flights. The cost difference between the original flight and the current price will next be displayed. Make the change if lower price and there are no changes fees that offset the difference. (Note, many major airlines have eliminated change fees since COVID, but some airlines may not have.)

To avoid waiting in lines at major airports to check your bags, look outside the ticketing counter to see if there is curbside check-in. If so, you can check your bags without a wait. You’ll just need to tip the skycap.

If want to breeze through TSA security lines, apply for at trusted traveler program such as TSA PrecheckGOES (Global Entry) , or CLEAR. Each has a fee but before applying check with your credit card and frequent flyer program to see if they have a reimbursement benefit. If you travel only domestically, TSA Precheck is your best option at $78 every 5 years. If you travel abroad GOES is a better option at $100 every 5 years. If you wanted the most expedited security line, CLEAR is an option at $189/year. 

In your carryon put in items that are either needed on the plane, would be difficult to replace during your stay, and essential toiletries needed if your luggage was delayed. Those items might be: pillow, blanket, computer, bathing suit, cosmetics, blow dryer, comb/brush, and small size toiletries (to hold you over). If your room may not be ready when you arrive, in the carryon put what you might need right away, such as a beach bag with your bathing suit, coverup and flip-flops.

A personal tote bag that can attach to your carryon is a great convenience. Make sure the tote is large enough to store a computer, travel pillow, book, sunglasses, snacks, personal care items, and perhaps a small purse.  

Bring along a fully charged charging stick to replenish your phone’s battery as well as the cord required to charge it. If you’re going Disney, a charging stick is a must. You’ll be on Disney’s app throughout the day looking at ride wait times, ordering food, and making plans.

Consider using a travel agent to save time and money. Travel agents/advisors normally don’t charge fees for their services – ask if you’re not sure. Looking to book a trip? We offer travel advisor services (and we don’t charge a fee). Call our office at (610) 782-0636. 

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